Paisley Stage featuring The Academy

It was another fabulous night at the Paisley Stage with Kenya Boerman opening the night and highlighting the wonderful young talent we have in the Hawkes Bay followed by the enthusiastic and awesome sounds from The Academy who were all letting their hair down and letting it go at the end, a great night.

Last night was an opportunity to have fun, chill out and take a breath after the challenges of the last couple of years and it delivered. Thanks to Rob Franks for coming on board and making this happen and again to JR, Lucy and your wonderful crew at Paisley Stage for supporting us and providing a truly incredible venue and experience.

It's a challenging time we find ourselves in so sometimes it's important to find a space to sit and take a breath because the 'you' in our lives is often forgotten. Listening to music is one of those spaces so find whatever works for you, be that through music, reading, writing, nature, exercise or the myriad of avenues that are available, find what works and take that time to just be you, it does help x.


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