STAROS was started in March 2012 by two parents, Warren and Teresa, who were brought together through circumstances as both have lost sons to suicide. Warren's son Stuart died in June 2009 and Teresa's son Ryan died in December 2009, Stu was 25 and Ryan 16.

When they met there was nothing in Hawke's Bay to support people affected by suicide so they decided to start the group. STAROS is an acronym based on their sons (Stu and Ryan our sons) and is a legacy run in their memory by two parents wanting to support others through what is an unimaginable grief.

When Teresa moved to Australia in 2013 Sandra stepped in to help with the group. Sandra lost her father Alister to suicide in March 1997 and attended one of the first group sessions.  Please contact us for more details about our support group locations and times.

In August 2016 a couple we met asked us to be the recipients of funds raised through a charity  event they were running in honour of their son who died by suicide the previous year, they had trouble finding support and wanted to help STAROS raise our profile in the community.  To receive these funds STAROS decided to become a charity and in November 2016 the STAROS Affected by Suicide Support Trust was registered as a charitable trust.

While supporting people affected by suicide will always be one of our pillars the trust enables us to focus on the health and wellbeing of people.  STAROS has a basic philosophy of caring for and supporting others and is always willing to put on or be involved with any events that will benefit and potentially improve the wellbeing of the people in their communities and help to build healthy communities.  Our view of this space comes from a grassroots and community focused direction, our communities and the people within our communities matter.  


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